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There are few better places to live and work than right in the very heart of magnificent Glencoe.

Clachaig is one of the largest employers in the area, with approximately 60 staff now employed year round at our premises in Glencoe, and in Fort William. The diverse nature of the business means that we are always looking for new recruits in a variety of roles. These include bar work, waiting staff, housekeeping, chefs and catering staff, maintenance, plus further support roles such as receptionists, administration and marketing.

We are particularly proud of our flexible and easy going, yet professional approach to running these customer service businesses. The result is a positive work environment, with a strong element of teamwork, and the feeling that you are contributing to the smooth running of a successful business.

Working in Glencoe & Fort William allows you to meet a very broad cross section of customers and other staff from around the globe. Many of the friendships made here will last for a many years to come, as members of our alumni will testify.

We recruit new members to the team throughout the year and invite applications to be submitted at any time. Positions are usually available for a commitment to a specific season, though many staff come for a season and stay for several years.

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