The Food

Food is served throughout the day and evening from Clachaig’s extensive and imaginative menu. The menu is a blend of modern ideas and fresh produce, sourced from local suppliers wherever possible and, whether in need of a light snack or a sumptuous meal, there’s something for everyone.

Our menu is available throughout the day, from midday until 9pm, possibly a little later. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, though the passion for sourcing and preparing our food is clearly evident.

Whether in need of a lighter snack to keep you going through the day, or straight off the Glencoe hills with a hunger generated by all that fresh air, Clachaig caters equally well for every occasion.

Our daily menu varies, with some of our popular favourites available on a regular basis. Equally, making use of market availability, you can also expect to see a variety of new dishes too.

To wet your appetite, and to give an idea of what to expect, we have made a few suggestions from our more recent menus below.

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Download a PDF of our current menu here.

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