Job Opportunities FAQ’s

Here’s the answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions. Please take time to read them. It might save a wasted application. We might have made some of the main points rather strongly, but they are all based on our experiences.

  • Q. I haven’t really worked/ever worked in a bar or restaurant before and am concerned that a lack of previous experience will mean that I’m not considered for a job.
  • A. Unlike rocket science, looking after customer’s requirements can easily be picked up by anyone with some energy, enthusiasm and at least a modest amount of common sense. Demonstrate that you have these and you’ll rank as well as someone with previous experience.
  • Q. I quite fancy working in the catering side of the business but haven’t any previous experience. Should I apply?
  • A. Yes, we’re always interested in training enthusiastic staff with new skills, particularly food preparation. Our in house training in the kitchen is structured to start from the very beginning, regardless of experience.
  • Q. I’d love to spend my time climbing, hiking, canoeing and doing as much as possible. Getting a job in Glencoe will give me a great base to do all this from. Will I be able to get some extra time off if the conditions are good?
  • A. Don’t bother applying. Unless you’re committed to the idea of a job and all that it entails you’re not going to be a valuable member of the team.
  • Q. If I get a job in Glencoe I’d love to be able to see more of the Highlands, maybe get some climbing and hiking done, but I’m worried about being tied by the job. Should I apply?
  • A. By all means! We’re the first to accept that there’s more to life than work. We try and ensure that you have two clear days off every week and always guarantee one. Though we can’t organise the weather for you there’s plenty of opportunity to get the most from this great corner of the world. Work hard and play hard!
  • Q. I’m not too sure about travelling to and living in a new area on my own. Who will I be working and living with?
  • A. Clachaig has a staff of up to 40 at the very peak of the season, and even at the quietest time there’s always a good number around. It’s an ideal opportunity to meet and work with many young like-minded people with similar interests. Friendships made at Clachaig last for years as our alumni will testify.
  • Q. There are some unscrupulous employers out there. How can I be sure you’re not one of them?
  • A. All staff are provided with and asked to sign a written contract of employment which clearly spells out contractual obligations of both parties. In addition, Clachaig was rigorously assessed against the national Investors in People standard on two occasions and still maintains the standards. You can be assured that we follow principles of good practice when it comes to inducting, training, coaching and even disciplining members of staff. In addition, Clachaig was the first business in the area to be assessed as Hospitality Assured, another independent process ensuring high standards are met and maintained across the business as a whole.
  • Q. I have 4 weeks during which time I would like to work. Do you employ people for this period of time?
  • A. Generally, no. Training and familiarisation is an important of being able to perform to the appropriate standards and this process can take several weeks. Even with previous experience elsewhere in the industry, it will take some time to become familiar with the way Clachaig works. We are prepared to invest a lot of our time in you to bring you up to our standards, but we require a minimum commitment of least 3 months to make this a worthwhile investment. The only exception is usually during peak holiday periods such as New Year, Easter and Whit, when we hope you’ll use the week or so as an introduction for a longer period of work later in the (summer) season.
  • Q. I understand English but I need more practice before I can say that I am a fluent English speaker. Will working at Clachaig allow me to develop my language skills?
  • A. We do employ a number of people whose first language is not English. However, you need to be able to communicate confidently in English as there are many work situations where there is pressure to work quickly and efficiently (a busy night in the bars for one), sometimes dealing with either strong regional accents (try Glaswegian for a start) or foreign accents. Please don’t apply if you’re spoken English is not of a high standard.
  • Q. I’ve been offered a job at Clachaig. What paperwork do I need to bring with me?
  • A. We require a signed application form, a C.V. and your National Insurance number. If you have had another job in the same tax year you will need to provide a P45 from that job. Alternatively, you will have to sign a P46, which we can provide. If you are travelling from abroad, some additional paperwork may be required such as a copy of your work eligibility / visa and a copy your passport.

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